Reversing the Future is a project led by Jessica Angel in collaboration with Interactive and Visual Artist Rui Pereira and Sound Designer Gilberto Castillo and Interactive composer Nelson Ramón.


The project proposes a laboratory for the experimentation and creation of immersive experiences achieved by the making of trompe l'oeil murals engaging architectural drawing, sound design, video projections and interactive animations. Using complex perspective techniques inspired by utopian architectural models we attempt to expand the limits of a cubic traditional gallery space creating a living piece that depicts a metropolitan landscape inspired by the relationship between urban structures and computer integrated circuits The murals will be projected with video animations exposing the thin line between real space and artificially created depth. While the murals will hold the landscape images, the animations will present a happening of movement and action. I address the concept of the limits of space in order to create a sense of freedom and to question the construction and belief systems that surround us in our pragmatic but frequently empty materialistic everyday life.


Rooted in the practice of perspective drawing inspired in the 1920's German expressionist films and the architectural drawings by Peter Cook and Cedric Price, the project proposes a still panoramic drawing  on the walls, floor and ceiling of the space; it will be the beginning point of an urban narrative and its elements will work as boundaries and shapers to create mapping effects. Stop-motion and interactive animation will give life to this architectural scene. By painting and projecting over walls, ceiling and floor, we will create the illusion that the gallery has been extended into another space. Projected lights and shadows will bring the mural from a two-dimensional drawing to a three-dimensional experience.



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