This installation is the juxtaposition of two ideas. On the one hand, using the planetarium's dome external surface and its adjacent terrace,  a basic geometrical exercise called stereographic projection is created, where all shapes on a sphere can be projected onto the flat surface revealing the direct relationship between two dimensions and three dimensions. On the other hand, a color coded map called the Planck Map or the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) map is incorporated to the composition. This pixilated map shows the differences in temperature from the radiation left after the big bang. The project addresses the relationship between curved and flat space aiming to reflect upon a non-euclidean shaped universe.


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Sound design: Gilberto Castillo

Image credits from top to bottom: Stop motion animation -Yann Decamount and Renata Bolivar, Renata Bolivar, Valaquia, Jessica Angel.

Special Thanks to: Colectivo Reactante, Universidad Javeriana,



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