MCP Projects Space School of Visual Arts, NYC

Mirroring Horizon


30' x 34' x 10' feet / 9 x 10.3 x 3 mts.


This site-specific piece took place in the  interior of the CP Projects Space at the SVA. I drew over the apexes of the room, enhancing its architectural qualities to then mirror the lines and planes down onto the floor, paying tribute to the actual exhibition space, and honoring it as a hub for the acquisition and interaction of knowledge. I used text-based wallpaper and hand-cut adhesive vinyl. The perspective illusion that the space is mirrored down over the floor, works from the very center of the room. This is an anamorphic drawing in nature and responds to questions in relationship to the perception of space and its two-dimensional mirage, reflecting upon the idea that our vision is purely two dimensional and that our perception of three-dimensionality is a cerebral illusion.


Curated by Manuela Reyes

Curatorial Fellow in the Masters program in Curatorial Practice at SVA


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