Limitless Alignment



Adhesive vinyl and acrylic paint on walls ceiling and floor.

20'4" x 11'5" x 10' /


The idea of the multiverse, and the understanding of the possibility of higher dimensions in space influenced this piece. After Euclidean perspective was demystified and the concept of parallel lines is debunked, our understanding of space starts to curve, and our perception of an infinite flat space becomes bounded in an enclosed sphere. New questions arise regarding where the new infinity of space lies and how our bounded universe could be entangled with a multiplicity of other finite universes. This hand-cut adhesive vinyl installation aims to engage the audience into a new experience of space by breaking their horizon and visually curving the apexes of the room.


This work was presented by 516 ARTS in the exhibition DECADE. It was possible in part by NPN/Visual Artist Network.





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