Facing the Hyperstructure


Hand-cut adhesive vinyl over 9000 sq.ft. of area covering walls, ceiling and floor.

Maximum height: 45'


Facing the Hyperstructure is a large scale, site-specific installation created specifically for the Abroms-Engel Institute as part of the UAB's Visiting Artists and Scholars Series.


The program lasted 14 weeks to take over the lobby of the AEIVA lobby and galleries to create the installation. n art studio class curriculum for the UAB Department of Art and Art History, I gave lectures on the intersection of art, Architecture and science. In addition, the group of students worked my studio assistants to complete the production of the installation.


The smallest of the three AEIVA galleries served as my studio for the duration of her residency and it was open to the public during normal hours of operation displaying the documentation of the installation process.


Learn more about the project in the lecture below and the installation process in the project's blog HERE



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