Hemispherical Immersion, off-set prints, adhesive vinyl and sound design. 2013

How can we make a visual immersion into cyberspace? What kind of imagery can evoke this ethereal space filled up with information? Would this be a paradise-like space full of light and color? Or, would this place be instead polluted and excessive just as some parts of our real planet are? Based on the concepts described by Paul Virilio and Pierre Lévy I produced in the gallery space, this two-dimensional installation with adhesive vinyl and off-set prints pasted on walls ceiling and floor.

Interested here in playing with the paradox between traditional media and the digital image (in order to expose an analogy between the real and the virtual) I work with opposite elements; juxtaposing black and white against a color, confronting a precise reticule of pixels to the curved lines of non Euclidean perspective.

The piece fuses with the exhibition space where pieces from the series Panopticon and Panoramas are located. Gilberto Castillo’s sound design piece is an important part of this installation.



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