Building Codes - Acrylic on canvas installed on wood: w:60'x h:8'

City Walls is a public art project commissioned by the MetroTech BID to enliven construction zones in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. The BID solicited the arts consultancy services of BAC to curate the artists for City Walls and to facilitate the artwork installation. A construction site in Duffield St. between Willoughby St. and Fulton St. is now home to the large-scale mural Building Codes. My work has been changing and mutating around the idea of massive media and information for the past years. I started doing cityscapes using magazine's paper as collage, I used newspapers as models for painting, legal and bureaucratic papers inspired my  thesis and the arrival of a new cyber-era that replaced all forms of information processes is the subject matter that leads my creations nowadays. Building Codes is hence, a cityscape made up of linguistic symbols and characters. The mural pretends to demonstrate how codes build our reality just as columns and walls give structure to the future building that is growing roots at this location.

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