The "Strange Loop" phenomenon occurs whenever, by moving upwards (or downwards) through levels of some hierarchal system, we unexpectedly find ourselves right back where we started.


-Douglas Hofstadter

As Above, So Below.

Adhesive Vinyl and foam polyhedra on walls ceilings and floors. 27' x 19' x 11"



The solar system can easily be paralleled with the “basic” unit of matter, the atom. Operations of a colossal city are analogous to the miniature calculations of a computer.  Phenomena of any system occur every instant, simultaneously, on small and large scales. I am interested in exploring these patterns and parallel realities, this duality between the vast and the minute. The deeper into the minute one goes, the closer one gets to understanding the large and vice versa.


I chose two specific analogies to embody the idea of the minute and the vast as equivalents 1) the relationship between the outer space and the digital information space and 2) the similarity between urban planning and computer integrated circuits.

To work around this dichotomy I created this installation that took over the northern room of the AC Institute. I "inverted" these two ideas representing the "large" in a small scale and the "minute" in an out-sized scale, emphasizing the concept of the strange loop and the cyclic patterns. The installation will make reference to the micro world of computers in correlation with outer space phenomena.


This project fostered cross-disciplinary initiatives enabling forms of collaboration among sciences, philosophy, music, art and new media, in order to create a collective environment crucial for contemporary practices. Six different sessions took place inside the installation space, where guests made an interpretation of the work presenting their vision and appropriation of the piece. Participants were sound designer Gilberto Castillo, interactive media artist Nelson Ramon, musicians Live Footage, astrophysicist Jaclyn Avidon and performance artist Soler.


The process of creating this piece took 3 weeks with the assistance of Candace Fong, Clair Kleinman, Teri Minogue and Katrina Majkut.


More info on this project HERE

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