My creative process starts from ideas that find clarity in the form of sketches. These ideas come from reading authors who question what we believe to be real, so as I read, I sketch. Since 2011 I have been working on a series of drawings inspired by Paul Virilio and Pierre Lévy's writing. I'm interested in how they describe the infrastructure of bandwidth across the planet as a static form and the information that flows through it as a dynamic force. I have been portraying Archigram inspired landscapes where I explore perspective techniques exposing the thin line between real space and artificially created depth I am interested in the infinite world that occurs on the micro-level of computers and the relationship between urban structures and integrated circuits. Speed, war, theft, love, commerce, crowds, and everything else that we know to be characteristic of the modern city has been codified, creating a mirrored image of the outside within these data processing machines. The perception line between massive and minute, real and virtual is being erased exposing the philosophical qualities of informatics.




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