My recent work takes over architectural interiors, exploring the possibility of visual illusion and space transformation with the use of perspective. Aiming to addresses a nontraditional experience of space, I use mural painting, large scale drawing interventions and wallpapering as tools to create immersive environments that bring people closer to imagination and to the experience of unconventional sensations, enabling a disorienting encounter with reality.

Most of my installations depict imaginary landscapes inspired in the micro-level of computers and its relationship to urbanism. The way our cities are planned seem to correlate to the structure of a motherboard. Even if we go further into the microscope, we find the structures of neurons to be remarkably similar to that of cities. Are these resemblances related to the nature of interconnectivity? Why are these natural and artificial forms so similar? I don't think there is a difference between the two. Can we compare the micro-structure of computer integrated circuits to the mega-structure of the universe?"

Working with the paradox between traditional media and the digital image, in order to expose an analogy between the real and the virtual, I juxtapose elements; the vast vs. the minute, black and white against color or the curved lines of non-Euclidean perspective to a precise reticule of pixels.

The research that currently nourishes my practice digs into digital physics, astrophysics, information sciences, architecture, philosophy and the theory of complex networks. I find in these studies evidence of the existence of patterns in phenomena of different essence, scale, and source, and proof that information lies at the core of everything we perceive. I attempts with my work to expand our conscience on these ideas.


The involvement of the community in my projects has increasingly taken importance and it can be described into two categories; on the one hand, the making of these large installations requires labor extensive efforts that I am achieving by finding interns and volunteers to work under my guidance, making of these production processes, a learning experience for a younger generation of artists. I aim to transcend my ideas of art as one of the three main branches of knowledge along with philosophy and science. On the other hand, my transformative spaces are set as a canvas for collaborations and interventions from innovators in different fields. By inviting people from the disciplines of astrophysics, sound design, interactive technologies, performance art and music to take part on my work,  I activate the installations opening the possibilities for collective interaction to happen.


Deep Inside the Machine 2008

ASCII Paintings 2007

Urban Field Model 2015

Info Trek 2010

2017  Drawings. Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. AEIVA. Birmngham, AL

2016  Grids of Formation.  Strongroom Inc. Newburgh, NY

2015  Mirroring Horizon. CP Projects Space. School of Visual Arts. NYC. USA

2014  As Above, So Below. AC Institute. New York, NY. USA

2013  Panopticon and Panoramas. Juan Salas Gallery. Bogota

2009  Dirty Worthless Money. Casas Riegner Gallery, Bogota Colombia

2008  Virtual Windows. Museum of Modern Art, Bucaramanga, Colombia

2008  The Architecture of Hypertext. Universidad de los Andes. Bogota, Colombia

2007  ASCII Paintings and Other Attempts. Salamanca University. Bogota, Colombia

2006  The Papers of the Law. Casas Riegner Gallery, Bogota, Colombia


2020  Energy Flows. Vancuver Biennale of Public Art. Cambie St Bridge, Vancouver, BC (Upcoming)

2018  The Interwoven Totality of Everything. Inter-American Development Bank Galleries, Washington, DC

2017  Facing the Hyperstructure. Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Birmingham, AL

2016  Continuum. 516 Arts . Albuquerque, NM

2015  Planck Projection. Bogota Planetarium. Colombia

2015  Limitless Alignment. Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

2014  Hemispherical Immersion 2.0. 516 ARTS. Albuquerque, NM. USA

2014  Diorama. Commissioned by BRIC Arts Media House. Brooklyn, NY. USA

2013  Limitless Alignment. Seton Hall University. NJ

2013  Hemispherical Immersion 2.0. 516 Arts. Albuquerque. NM

2013  Hemispherical Immersion. Juan Salas Gallery. Bogotá

2012  The Self of the Building. The Cooper Union New York, NY

2012  Enter the Wall. Public Art installation. Bogotá, Colombia

2010  Building Codes. Large-scale mural. Brooklyn Arts Council, NY

2009  Info-Trek. One Brooklyn Bridge Park Building. Brooklyn, NY

2007  Urbania. Public Art Intervention. IV Biennial SIART. La Paz, Bolivia


2019  Vancouver Biennale Visiting Artist Residency. British Columbia

2017  Long Term Visiting Artist, Department of Art and Art History. The University of Alabama at Birmingham

2016  VAN Residency (Visual Artists Network) USA

2016  Studios at MASS MoCA Residency. North Adams, MA

2015  Art and Science Award. Idartes. Bogotá, Colombia

2013  OPEN PAINTING Laboratories Award. Bank of the Republic of Colombia and FGGA Foundation.

2012  BRIC Media Arts fellowship, Brooklyn NY

2012  Teaching-Artist Summer Residency, Cooper Union, New York, NY

2010  City Walls -Brooklyn Arts Council. New York

2009  BOFFO-Artist in Residence. Brooklyn, NY

2007  Honorable Mention. V International Arte Biennial SIART La Paz. Bolivia

2006  Honorable Mention. I Drawing Biennial of the Americas. Mexico

2006  Meritor Thesis. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogota


2020  Moderator - "Art at the Frontlines of Blockchain Adoption" ETHDenver, CO.

2019  Moderator - "Unstoppable Art, Roundtable Discussions" Ethereal Summit, Pioneer Works . NY

2019  Artist Talk - "Computational Power + Creative Machines" ETHDenver, CO

2018  Panelist - "NYC ArtTech + Blockchain Connect" Kimmel Center, New York University

2018  Lecture - "Public Art Depicting Public Blockchains" Vancouver Biennale - Dogecon Vancouver

2018  Moderator - "Meme Dreams Philosophy Salon" Dogecon Vancouver

2018  Artist Talk - "The Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject" The Knockdown Center. Ethereal Summit NYC

2018  Panelist - "The Art of Crypto Assets” Liminal Network- Williamsburg Hotel. NY

2018  Moderator - "Trading Dank Rares" Creative Teck Week. New York, NY

2018  Panelist - "Digital Creativity and Blockchain. Inter-American Development Bank. D.C.

2018  Panelist - "Memes and Crypto Art. National Arts Club. New York.

2018  Panelist - "Art and Games on the Blockchain. ETHDenver. CO.

2018  Panelist - "How Does Blockchain Change the Game for Artists. Rare Digital Arts Festival. NYC

2017  Artist Talk - "The Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject". Distributed Conference, San Francisco, CA

2017  Panelist - "From Eye to Mind" Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Birmingham, AL

2017  Lecture - "Facing the Hyperstructure" Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Birmingham, AL.

2017  Artist Talk - "Grids of Formation" Strongroom Inc. Newburgh, NY

2016  Artist Talk - "Boundless and Finite" 516 Arts. Albuquerque, NM

2015  Lecture - "Multidimensional Space" Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts AEIVA. Birmingham, AL.

2015  Artist Talk - "Hyperspace" Javeriana University. Bogotá, Col.

2015  Panelist - "Grasping Infinity" Seton Hall University. South Orange, NJ.

2014  Lecture - "Immersive New Media and Art Environments"  ARTS Lab, University of New Mexico.

2014  Symposium - "Interactivity in Digital Art" Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, New Mexico.

2014  Lecture - "The Three Dimensions of Color" Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Bogotá, Col.

2013  Lecture - "Painting and Installation" Museo de Arte Banco de la República. Bogotá, Colombia

2013  Conversation - "Does Infinity Have a Size? " with Astrophysicist Jaclyn Avidon. AC Institute, New York

2013  Artist Talk - "Micro Cosmic" AC Institute, New York, NY

2010  Lecture - "Digital Domination" Satellite Academy. New York, NY

Hemispherical Immersion 2.0

Adhesive vinyl & wallpaper over floor and walls, 36' x 25' x 16' Feet/ 11 x 7.6 x 5 mt. 2014

Mirroring Horizon

2015, Adhesive vinyl & wallpaper over floor, walls and ceiling. 25' x 40' x 11  feet/ 75 x 96.5 x 28 mts.


Limitless Alignment

Adhesive vinyl, video, hardboard tempered panels, and tape on walls floor and ceiling.  27' X 25' X 10', 2015









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I make installations that take over architectural interiors using hand-cut adhesive vinyl, mural painting, large-scale drawing interventions, and wallpapering. Fascinated with the micro vs. macro qualities of space and its variations as we move through these magnitudes, I create immersive environments. My recent research explores geometry, mathematics and physics, to understand space as a platform for the intersection between art, technology, and science in my practice.


My approach to the production of these installations lies on the following questions: Why can we find underlying patterns between natural microstructures and artificial mega-structures? Why are natural and artificial forms so similar? Can we advocate for the real and the virtual to be equivalent? I am using large-scale drawings, collages and paintings to explore these questions by using the installation as an analogy between traditional media and the digital image. My pieces appear to be digitally made yet they are entirely planed, drawn, cut, and produced by hand.


Accordingly, the making of these large installations requires labor extensive efforts that I am achieving by using the exhibition as a platform for integrated education, and art production around the study of art, architecture, and science. Students, interns, and volunteers are working under my guidance to achieve the final result.


On the other hand, these transformative spaces are set as a canvas for collaborations and interventions from makers in different fields. By inviting people from the disciplines of astrophysics, sound design, interactive technologies, performance art and music to take part in my work, I activate the installations opening the possibilities for collective interaction to happen.


I see the future of these endeavors gaining a broader scale in terms of production and collaboration, as I seek a holistic artistic expression that speaks of the theory of everything.